Illustration av 500 MW

Jämtkraft increases the pace – secures 500 MW of energy

Last week came the news that our partner, the regional energy company Jämtkraft, has signed a connection agreement with Svenska Kraftnät that secures the extraction of 500 MW from the Midskog substation. The effect is completely renewable and it is unique in Sweden and the EU to be able to offer this opportunity.

– This is fantastic news that really strengthens our offering. Now we can continue to work long-term, with a focus on creating sustainable growth in the region, says Viktoria Winberg, project manager for The Power Region.

The announcement also evoked positive reactions from Östersund municipality’s political leadership, not least because the development is in line with their sustainability goals.

– We are strengthening our offer and it is unique to be able to offer 500 MW which consists of completely renewable energy, comments Bosse Svensson (C), chairman of the municipal board.

The Power Regions’ efforts have already resulted in several stakeholders being interested in the county. But this is a long-term effort; time and perseverance from all parties are needed to ensure establishments that contribute to regional development on several levels.

– The interest in the region is great right now and we are constantly working on inquiries concerning large power outlets, says Viktoria Winberg.

The focus on Norrland is confirmed by Peter Larsson, who is the government’s coordinator for social transformation of major business start-ups and expansions in Norrbotten and Västerbotten. In a current theme film for the Swedish Public Employment Service, he even says that we can see a revolution in the country’s labour market:

– The North is the new South! The companies in northern Sweden will be leaders in the climate transition we are now seeing.

And there are great opportunities – both for the county’s development and for those who want to establish themselves here. This is shown not least by a recent report from The Boston Consulting Group, which was commissioned by Business Sweden. It states that the large, global demand for new data centres could provide an additional SEK 50 billion to the Swedish economy, and in addition contribute 27,000 new jobs over the next ten years.

– Our green electricity should simply help create a sustainable future. We take advantage of our unique regional conditions by translating them into development and jobs, says Viktoria Winberg.