The Power Region
– the perfect place for
energy-intensive industries

We can supply 100% renewable energy, power up to 500 MW and construction-ready sites, welcome to The Power Region – we are ready for your establishment!

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500 MW renewable effect

We are ready to make industry’s climate conversion possible, with the largest supply of readily accessible, cheap and renewable energy.

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About The Power Region

We have a welcoming climate and a networking way of working. Together, we can work towards a sustainable future, where our renewable energy has significant rewards.

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Benefits of The Power Region

We see our region growing through cooperation, dialogue and shorter decision-making processes, and, together, we create a future where the region’s businesses grow and develop.

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Accessible sites

Sound preliminary works on our industrial plots ensure a short take-off distance for you if you’re thinking of establishing your industry with us.

In Focus at The Power Region

About Hydropower

For those of us who live in the Power Region, hydropower is a natural part of our everyday life, and conditions for hydropower here are excellent.

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Car fueling up on hydrogen gas

About Hydrogen Gas

Perhaps the most crucial piece of the hydrogen gas puzzle is access to electricity networks. With Jämtland’s allocated output of 500 megawatt, we could say that we have the best prerequisites of all.

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Solar panels

About Solar Power

Solar panels have developed as an energy source and they are currently reasonably priced, which enables companies and private individuals to use the sun more and more as part of their power supply.

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Wind power in winter landscape

About Wind Power

Wind power is expanding significantly. It is growing all over the world, and Sweden is no exception. Over SEK 100 billion, that is how much is invested in wind power in Sweden between 2017 and 2023.

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Time to market

No time to lose. We have industrial sites with detailed planning, where you will be able to start doing the groundwork soon.

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Girl running on cornfield with wind turbines


From ‘Oh, no!’ to resource. For real. By believing in the circular society at all levels, we are heading for a brighter future.

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Solar panels

500 MW

Yes, that’s right. The Power Region’s power supply is great. Our wind turbines, water turbines and solar cells create renewable energy all day long, all year round.

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