Welcome to The Power Region
– in the heart of Sweden

The Power Region is part of Jämtland County, a region characterised by entrepreneurship, beautiful mountain scenery and quality of life.

For a sustainable future

Jämtland County is a county that takes climate change seriously, and has set itself high targets. The county is to be entirely fossil-free by 2030. The target is higher than the national target, which is a 70 per cent reduction in emissions within the transport sector during the period 2010–2030.

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Natural resources

Resources in the form of forest, land and water abound. The renewable Jämtland Härjedalen is constantly relevant in the discussion about national energy supply. Here you will find everything from windproof open surfaces to innovators who create safe and secure energy from the sun's rays.
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Entrepreneurship and enterprise

Jämtland County is one of the counties with the highest density of businesses in Sweden. There are around 22,000 businesses in the county, and in a recent survey businesses reply that among the main reasons why they have established themselves in the region are quality of life and lifestyle.

Compared with other counties in Norrland, businesses in Jämtland have grown the fastest.

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You can fly to Stockholm in under an hour, and then reach destinations world-wide. Åre Östersund Airport is a 20-minute car journey from the city centre. If we look towards the west, we are at a distance of 260 kilometres from Trondheim in Norway, which has an international airport and an ice-free port with all the opportunities this comes with.

The railway station, with daily connections to Sundsvall, Trondheim and Stockholm, is centrally located and within walking distance to Östersund’s centre.

Two European routes pass Östersund, the E14 which takes you either east or west, and the E45 which takes you north or south.

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130,000 inhabitants live in the region, which is equivalent to 1.5% of Sweden’s population. The region is made up of eight municipalities, covering an area that is just as big as the Netherlands.

People live comfortably here, often thanks to their surroundings. More and more people want to relocate here, and there are premises and sites ready to be put into use.

County Town of Östersund

With its 64,000 inhabitants, Östersund is the largest built-up area in Jämtland County. Like the rest of Jämtland, Östersund is dominated by small enterprises, and, in addition to boasting the highest density of cafés in Sweden, it is a prominent trading city.

Events are also an important part of the city’s offering. In addition to sports events such as the World Cup in Biathlon and the Storsjöcupen football tournament, the annual Storsjöyran music festival is an obvious attraction.

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Mid Sweden University

Mid Sweden University has two campuses; Sundsvall and Östersund. Around 6,500 students are enrolled with the Östersund Campus. The main feature of education in Jämtland County is the capacity to collaborate. An example of this is the Skills Contract. This is a simple declaration of intent between the business world and Mid Sweden University’s training programme, which aims to build up strong relations, with long-term dividends. Local employers can make contact with students at an early stage, and thus ensure that they get the work force they seek later on.

The Östersund Campus also has the National Winter Sports Centre, a unique, world-leading institution for ski research and an Olympic test centre for winter sports in Sweden. The National Winter Sports Centre also collaborates with leading companies in the sphere of sports and the outdoor activities sector, to test and develop new materials for sports.

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Peak Innovation

In cooperation with businesses, the academic world and the public sector, Peak Innovation seeks to stimulate innovation-driven entrepreneurship.

Simplifying the paths to customers, knowledge and capital helps start-ups and entrepreneurs to grow and gives established companies the opportunity to develop – the aim is to strengthen the county’s attractiveness and work towards long-term sustainable growth.

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