Come Play with us
– and change the World

The Power Region offers renewable energy at competitive prices. We take the energy question very seriously. We set higher standards, have more far-reaching goals and we are at the forefront compared to others in terms of fossil-free and renewable energy. We have been leading the pack when it comes to a bright future. Do you want to join those who are at the forefront and become just as good? Then you should play with us.

Here you will find sites with prepared development plans for establishment, vast amounts of available energy, and it is 100 per cent renewable.

With political stability and government support for establishment in northern Sweden, our experienced team can provide swift assistance with new establishments.

This is a place where new ideas thrive and we attract people who want to network in creative environments, with manpower available and more willing to move here.

The local energy company, Jämtkraft, is at the forefront in Sweden when it comes to technical expertise and sustainability.