We offer high-quality and ready-to-build industrial land for your business

Torvalla Verksmon. Site A

(8 hectares)

We have industrial real estate which is optimal for establishment of data centers or other electricity-intensive industry. We have worked actively in recent years to develop the land with a development plan for industrial operations. The land is located in an industrial area in close vicinity to the European route E14. Distance to Östersund center is 10 minutes and to Åre Östersund Airport 20 minutes.  Infrastructure with roads, water connection and fiber are already in place. There is also the possibility of waste heat recovery as Östersund has an extensive developed district heating system. Other business activities in the area include logistics companies, manufacturing industry and car repair shops.

Flexible solutions

Industrial real estate can either divided up into smaller plots or sold intact – according to your needs. According to the development plan, the land can be built on by 30%, and if the property is more than 7.5 hectares, it can be built on up to 50%. Maximum building height is 16 meters with parts up to 50 meters.

The municipal building permit procedure takes approximately 10 weeks.


• XX MW, 2025
An ongoing analysis of the electricity grid, which is estimated to be completed Q1 2023, is investigating the available power in the existing regional electricity grids.

• Ca 200 MW, 2027
The strengthening of the electricity grids are expected to be completed in 2027.


Modern fiber infrastructure with up to three roads into the land area

• Stockholm 6.4 ms
• Frankfurt 21.2 ms
• Amsterdam 22.5 ms

Torvalla Verksmon. Site B

(100 hectares)

Conditions here are generally the same as at site A, but site B is still under development. A feasibility study and a natural value inventory have been initiated. Site boundaries are preliminary.

Step 1

• Pre-study completed Q1, 2023
• XX MW, 2025

In Q4 2022, an electricity grid analysis is carried out. Preliminary study is completed Q4 2022 and will indicate the amount of power available in 2025.

Step 2

• 200+ MW, 2027

Electricity grid reinforcements will be implemented to provide the area with an additional 200+ MW. The work will be completed in 2027.

miniatyrkarta över östersund

• Municipality of Östersund 64 000 inhabitants
• Mid Sweden University 20 000 students

• Trondheim: Road 260 km, train 3:40 h
• Sundsvall: Road 190 km, train 2:30 h
• Arlanda / Stockholm: Road 520 km, train 5-6 h, air 1:00 h

• Main road E14: 100 meters
• City center: 6 km (8 min)
• Airport: 17 km (20 min)
• Train station: 7 km (12 min)