Digital Highway

What do you need?

We offer high speed networks through Backbone North, a national digital highway.

Backbone North is a digital highway that strengthens northern Sweden’s attractiveness for the establishment of international data centers with a need for high transmission capacity. The speed of this optic fiber is about 1 million times faster than in a normal residential fiber cable. It stretches from Örebro in the south via Östersund and all the way up to Luleå, a total distance of 1250 km.

When Backbone North was completed in 2017, it was the largest investment in digital infrastructure in Sweden since the turn of the millennium. The work took three years and was an investment by Telia of more than SEK 400 million. Together with the transport fiber along the Swedish Norrland coast, Backbone North now provides the opportunity to create redundancy in Norrland’s backbone network. The requirements placed on Backbone North are very high in terms of capacity but also from a safety perspective. The network must withstand extreme conditions, such as storms, floods and collapsed bridges. Therefore, the fiber cable never goes above ground, but is buried in the ground, even under all watercourses it passes.

RTD 22.3 ms to Amsterdam

Sweden offers some of the best connectivity in the world, according to “State of the Internet” reports.

Confirmed latency from Östersund/Torvalla (round-trip),

  • to Stockholm – 5.6 ms
  • to Amsterdam – 22.3 ms

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