Renewable and Reliable Supply of Power to Your Data Center

This is the ultimate place for power-intensive data centers in Sweden. The majority of the sustainable electricity in Sweden is produced in this region by large hydro power plants and the largest wind power parks. 

All power produced in the northern parts of Sweden is transferred through The Power Region. Swedish National Grid and Norwegian National Grid have in the last years built a new 400 kV transmission line. The line is one of five major expansions in the Nordic countries deemed strategically important. Together, the new line increases reliability and improves the Nordic electricity market. Electric power to Torvalla Industrial Park is supplied by the local utility company Jämtkraft

Electricity Tax

Electricity tax for data centers in Sweden is since 2017 on the minimal EU-level of 0.48 EUR/MWh (5 SEK/MWh), making our total electricity prices among the lowest in the European Union. Read more about electricity tax in The Power Region.

In the Heart of the National Grid

Östersund city has a direct connection to the national grid substation at Midskog, only 28 km outside the city, where six 400 kV power lines from Sweden and Norway come together. Our Torvalla greenfield sites, only 10 min outside the city, are developed to connect to this substation and permissions, concessions, etc are in place for this.

100% Renewable Energy

Local power production is 100 % renewable and sustainable, capturing and enjoying the energy produced by hydro, bio and wind power. One of four national wind-power centers is located in the region. Additional 1500 wind turbines are in the pipeline to be installed.

Wind Power

Wind power is being actively developed in the region. Substantial electricity cost savings are achieved with continuing investments.

Hydro Power

Östersund is one of the most ideal places for hydro power production in Sweden. In the region there are a number of hydro power plants along the river Indalsälven, providing strong grid resilience and redundancy.

Responsibility for the Environment

Östersund has taken a political decision towards a sustainable society and to become fossil-free by year 2030. In doing so, the city takes responsibility for its environment and the issues of global warming.

A Sustainable Community

There is a challenge to be non-dependent on fossil fuels and to be a long term carbon neutral as a location. Östersund aims to be a sustainable community in a matter that affect us all.

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