Östersund – capital of Jämtland

Östersund is the gateway to the Swedish mountains. It has a vibrant city centre, a unique atmosphere, and a heart that beats for everybody. Östersund is the capital of the county of Jämtland, a natural hub in a region with a distinct identity. It is a city where tradition goes hand-in-hand with diversity and optimism. Markets like the ancient Gregoriemarknaden have been attracting people from far and wide for centuries. Today, people also flock to Östersund’s prestigious international sporting and cultural events, such as the Biathlon World Championships and the esteemed Storsjöyran festival.

In fact, Östersund offers a constant stream of different events all year round – top-level football, art exhibitions, elite basketball, theatres, food fairs and much more. It’s a city where the words ‘local’ and ‘global’ often refer to the same thing, not least when it comes to the region’s dynamic food crafts. The City of Östersund, along with the Region of Jämtland Härjedalen, has been a ‘UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy’ since 2010. You’ll find plenty of innovative restaurants, serving excellent, locally produced food.

Östersund is a city where you can make your mark, be an influencer, be a contributor, and also be inspired and grow. It is an expanding and confident city, with an inclusive vibe and exciting visions for its future.

Östersund is a city to grow in. Several new residential areas are being built and even more are planned.

Östersund is experiencing strong growth and belief in the future. Here it is easy to find staff who thrive, not only with the job, but with the whole of life. We have a business environment characterized by a strong willingness to create growth together. Here is a curious openness in which traditions hooks arm with diversity and innovativeness. . Mid Sweden University has a pulsating campus and boasts internationally renowned innovation and research.

Campus MIUN

In Östersund, people know that work is important, but they value leisure time just that slight bit more. They enjoy an active lifestyle, and are enticed by the surrounding nature. Lake Storsjön (Great Lake) and the mountains are just a wistful glance away.


Indeed, everyday adventures feel frustratingly close by sometimes. Paddle along the shores of Lake Storsjön, go hiking in the mountains or enjoy the world-class ski tracks. Within the hour you can be powder skiing in Åre or Bydalen. It all makes the human values in life so tangible, and many people choose an active lifestyle, characterized more by “outside” than “inside”. So simple. So obvious.

Welcome to Östersund!

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