The Power Region News

  • Data Center Power: Recommended Weekend Reading February 5, 2016
    DatacenterDynamics published recently a series of articles related to power and green energy, and we prepared a short summary of them for your convenient weekend reading of the series. The number of companies choosing to run their data centers on green energy is increasing and The Power Region has what the industry is demanding - reliable grid, green energy, stable deliveries.
  • Sweden Proposes Lower Electricity Tax for Data Centers October 10, 2015
    A recent study by the Government of Sweden proposes that data centers should be included in the manufacturing industry tax rate of 0.005 SEK / kWh. The current rate in The Power Region is 0.194 SEK / kWh. The proposal is expected to be effective as of January 2017 and will lower electricity prices for data centers by around 40%.

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