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  • Jämtkraft delivers 100% renewable energy to the grid August 21, 2018 Arrid & dry
    Regional power company, Jämtkraft, guarantees continued 100% renewable energy to their customers. Because of the extreme weather conditions prevailing since May, with only a little rain and wind, Sweden is forced to import electricity from countries with energy production from fossil fuel sources. Jämtkraft’s base since 100 years – hydropower – allows us, through thick and thin, ...
  • Power failure statistics, Östersund June 14, 2018
    The Swedish Energy Market Inspectorate (Ei) supervises all national electrical grid companies and set demands on electrical power transmission to hold high quality standard without too many power failures and disturbances. All power companies must report all power failure statistics annually. Every year, Ei presents a compilation of these statistics where the latest report in Dec’2017 ...
  • Östersund most student-friendly town in Sweden April 26, 2018
    The Swedish National Union of Students has since 1999 awarded the price “Student City of the Year” to a town or city that actively works to attract,  improve and support the students’ conditions and in doing so inspire other cities to follow. This year Östersund and the Mid-Sweden University was awarded this price! Great news for ...
  • Recent MIDSKOG article April 25, 2018
    In the recent issue of Svenska Vindkraft’s (Swedish Windpower Association) magazine, an extensive article presents the work being done by The Power Region to establish energy intensive industries in the region along with the construction of the new substation at MIDSKOG, only 30 km outside Östersund. Read the article here SvenskVindkraft#1, 2018    (in Swedish only, sorry)
  • New Re-fit site option April 11, 2018
    Kantverket – a privately owned property available for long-term lease, built in 2008, today housing a tool sales warehouse. It offers some 2450 sq.m of space at 8m ceiling height plus additional 40 sq.m office space. Located just outside Östersund city, in an industrial zone and a mere 15 min drive from the airport, the ...
  • New Power Region employee April 4, 2018
    As of January, Erik Esseen has been employed as Business Developer, replacing Adam Danisovic in The Power Region project. Erik is an engineer (MSc), with many years of experience in domestic and international environments. Roles include purchasing and production responsibilities, customer support, sales and marketing management, market engineer, project leader, application coordinator, within wood products, IT, ...
  • Vindkraftcentrums branschforum September 6, 2017
    På våra breddgrader finns förnybara energiresurser i form av vatten och vind och det ger förutsättningar för ny elintensiv industri. Det kan handla om datacenter, vätgasproduktion, batterifabrik, plast och komposittillverkning. Här kan energin användas vid källan.
  • Midskog National Grid Substation Upgrade August 3, 2017
    The Midskog national grid substation located 20 miles east of Östersund has reached its service life and is currently being upgraded to meet operational reliability requirements and to connect even more renewable power generation. The upgraded station will be located 1 mile south of its original location.  The new upgraded area will be 7 ha in total or as large as 10 soccer fields and it is one of the largest investments in the Swedish national grid ever made.
  • Massive Infrastructure Backbone Project Opened March 30, 2017
    Telia's subsidiary Skanova finished the new Swedish fiber project Skanova Backbone North. The 1250 km (777 miles) long cable between Örebro, Östersund, and Luleå took 3 years to build. The total cost of more than 44 million USD makes it one of the largest investments in digitization of Sweden.
  • Power Briefings USA – Save the Date / Invitation January 25, 2017
    Meet Data Centers by Sweden and The Power Region on Feb 14 in Washington DC or Feb 16 in Santa Clara CA. January 1st, 2017, the Swedish Government lowered the energy tax for data centers dramatically by 97%, resulting in the lowest price for electricity in Europe. What is the effect on costs for data center operations in Sweden? Gain insights from industry experts on how Sweden can partner with you in establishing a cost effective & sustainable presence in Northern Europe.

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