Jämtkraft builds wind farm in Sollefteå

milky way illustration

Regional utility company Jämtkraft, member of The Power Region, signs agreement to acquire wind energy project Hocksjön in Sollefteå municipality, Västernorrland, Sweden.

The plant becomes Jämtkraft’s largest with 45 wind turbines with a potential to produce 630 GWh of renewable energy. The agreement is part of further increasing the share of renewable energy in the company. The wind farm is planned to be completed in 2020 – 2021.

“As an energy company we have a unique opportunity to create the conditions for the conversion to a 100% fossil-free society. Investing in more wind power is a concrete step in reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Our mission is to drive regional development that leads to better conditions for both people and the environment. In Hocksjön, we create regional jobs as well as additional renewable energy, says Erik Brandsma, CEO of Jämtkraft.

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