Heavy work in Midskog for new power line

The forest is harvested, materials removed and stays for the poles on the way to be dug down. Work on the new 220 kV power line and the new Midskog power sub-station is in full operation








A 38 kilometer-long and 40-meter-wide power line corridor has been cleared. Brace anchors for the poles are being dug down while the work of erecting the poles starts from the north side of the Indalsälven in Midskog. In other words, the work is in full progress.

Midskog is one of Sweden’s largest and most important national sub-stations and a hub for power supply from north to south. The present modernization and renovation is one of the largest switchgear re-constructions in the whole country. The new sub-station is being built about one kilometer from the present location, adjacent to where the regional grid company, Jämtkraft, is building their new power station. The Midskog station is also being prepared for further expansion enabling possible future connections of new wind farms and energy-intensive industries.

Long term benefit with the Midskog project

“What we learn in this project can develop the entire grid company, Jämtkraft, from a business perspective. The experience of working with large external actors means that we get with us tools to work even smarter, get more careful control and follow-up of projects, which I think we can develop much more”, says Camilla Thelin, project coordinator.

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