RTD 22.3 ms to Amsterdam

Sweden offers some of the best connectivity in the world, according to “State of the Internet” reports.

Confirmed latency from Östersund/Torvalla (round-trip),

  • to Stockholm – 5.6 ms
  • to Amsterdam – 22.3 ms


The City of Östersund is a major shareholder of the local grid company, Jämtkraft.

Apart from electrical power, Jämtkraft offers scalable solutions with full infrastructure redundancy for fiber optic requirements in Östersund and to the Greenfield sites in Torvalla as well as to other Refit sites. A solution can be implemented at a low cost in short time. There are existing fiber connections to the Greenfield and Refit sites in Torvalla and to major national service providers. A fiber optic solution, including redundant infrastructure, can be in place within 4 weeks after an agreement, regardless of which national service provider is chosen. Jämtkraft also provides more than two separate fiber paths through the fiber infrastructure.

As of 2016, Jämtkraft’s fiber optic network has been taken over by IP-Only. Additional fiber optic network suppliers are also available locally.

Redundant Solutions

In short, Jämtkraft can offer a number of redundant solutions to any of the national service providers with the number of dark fiber-pairs needed.

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