100% Renewable

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We offer 100% renewable supply of power to your energy intensive industry

This is the perfect place for power-intensive industries in Sweden. Most of the sustainable electricity in Sweden is produced in this region by large hydro power plants and wind power parks. 

Our power production is 100 % renewable and sustainable out of our natural resources. We capture and enjoy the energy produced by hydro, bio and wind power.

One out of four national wind-power centers is located in the region. Additional 1500 wind turbines are in the pipeline to be installed.

Östersund is one of the most ideal places for hydro power production in Sweden. In the region there are a number of hydro power plants along the river Indalsälven, providing strong grid resilience and redundancy.

In the last years, both the Swedish National Grid have been expanded by building a new 400 kV transmission line. The line is one out of five major expansions in the Nordic countries deemed strategically important. Together, the new line increases reliability and improves the Nordic electricity market. We have a direct connection to the national grid substation at Midskog, only 28 km outside Östersund.

We like to provide you the best requirements when it comes to power supply and reliability. Therefore, we have a strong partnership with Jämtkraft, the local power supplier. 

Responsibility for the Environment

Östersund has taken a political decision towards a sustainable society and to become fossil-free by year 2030. In doing so, the city takes responsibility for its environment and the issues of global warming. Östersund is the first municipality in the country to have its entire operations certified according to ISO 14001 as well as second to be certified according to EU:s EMAS standard.

Electricity prices in The Power Region are already among the lowest in the European Union.

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