Greenfield : Torvalla (25+47 ha)

Industrial Park (25+47 hectares)

An optimal site for large and medium sized data centers. The site has been developed during the last years and is now “shovel ready”, including cost-effective and scalable solutions with excellent infrastructure in a green and sustainable environment.

Site map

The site is located just outside Östersund, Northern Sweden and offers two areas of 72 ha (178 acres) in total. Subdivision of the plots is possible. The site is located 20 minutes from Åre Östersund Airport and 10 minutes from central Östersund.

The reliable Swedish electric grid supplies the area with green and low-cost power. Current infrastructure makes waste heat recovery projects possible at this site.

In the Heart of the National Grid

Midskog, just outside of Östersund is the most important connection point in the Swedish national grid, where six 400 kV power lines from Sweden and Norway are connected. The site has a redundant solution with two independent connections to the national grid. There has not been a single disruption for the last 30 years. Midskog is connected with Östersund and Torvalla, offering 100% renewable electrical power in the grid.

Flexible Solutions – up to 72 hectares

The Power Region offers several site options according to your requirements. The different sites can either be sold as single plot or in multiple plots. The area is zoned for data center use and it is possible to erect buildings up to 50 % of land area and up to 16 meters in height, with parts up to 50 meters. Environmental impact analysis (EIA) has been done and the related permit enables installation of 30 back-up generators of 240 MW total.

Power Supply

  • New high voltage substation planned at the site – first customer can influence the placement and size
  • Available redundant power,
    • 2 MW         available today
    • 5 MW         in 6 months
    • 30 MW       in 12 months
    • 120 MW     in 24 months
    • 300 MW     in 36 months

Infrastructure already at the Sites

  • Municipal water and sewer by City of Östersund
  • Fiber network, different routes
  • Two different roads accessing the site area
  • District heating system


Confirmed latency from Östersund/Torvalla (round-trip),

  • to Stockholm – 5.6 ms
  • to Amsterdam – 22.3 ms

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