Data Center Power: Recommended Weekend Reading

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DatacenterDynamics published a series of articles related to power and green energy recently, and we prepared a short summary of them for your convenient weekend reading.

The number of companies choosing to run their data centers on green energy is increasing and The Power Region has what the industry is demanding – reliable grid, surplus of locally-produced renewable energy, stable deliveries.

Due North: Data centers in the Nordics
The Nordic market is growing, illustrated by several success cases in the past months. Lower electricity tax for data centers from January 2017 will make Sweden even more attractive. Read to start your orientation in the Nordics.

Nordic data center market expected to triple power by 2017
Data center power demand is growing and the Nordics are attracting hyper-scale facilities. Availability and price make the difference here. We’re really looking forward to January 2017 when electricity price in The Power Region will be as low as 0,03 EUR / kWh, including taxes.

The truth is: Data center power is out of control
Peter Judge’s comment on the expanding electricity use in data centers that triggered discussions whether growth in data center power is bad, followed by another post. – “Power demand – no problem!“. Anyhow, that data center power is growing is a fact and we can power the future growth here in The Power Region with renewables.

How data centers pay for renewable energy
We’re glad that DatacenterDynamics is taking up this topic. The article shows how the system works in the US, contact us if you wonder about how the system works in the Nordics. Anyhow, the stable grid in The Power Region delivers 100% renewables from hydro and wind power plants.

Global data center power market growing at over 10% annually
You’ve heard this many times. Data centers consume more and the power market is growing. But investing in The Power Region might be a way to keep your OPEX down.

Research: UK’s troubled power grid could limit data center growth
Another issue we can solve – UK businesses are welcome to Sweden. We’re glad to read this kind of surveys. Our power grids are reliable and the article mentions this.

Power problems are the biggest cause of IT outages
This article isn’t that clear about what outages are meant in the survey, not even in the rough internal-external division.  Worth reading anyhow.

‘Tis the season to be wasteful
Alex Lidow’s pre-holiday post about that “data centers are wasting energy” topic. The facts are not surprising, but what can be done? Besides solving the internal issues, site selection should be another important point here, right?

The future of US power costs is uncertain
Interesting reading about the US. Will this result in the same challenges as in Germany?

Is nuclear green?
Whether nuclear is green is a chicken-egg question, but no worries in The Power Region. 100% wind and hydro make the dilemma easy.

Company news

Demand for renewables and even will to invest in new projects is increasingly growing – see all these examples from around the world. And yes, we have 100% renewable in the grid, in addition to new project opportunities available in The Power Region.

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