100% Renewable Energy

Extremely stable electric grid. 100% green electricity production. Low electricity prices. The regional electricity production consists of hydro, bio and wind. One of four national wind-power centers is located in the region. 1500 wind turbines are in the pipeline. Welcome to The Power Region

Electricity Tax for Data Centers lowered from January 2017

The Government of Sweden has implemented a change to the Swedish electricity tax system from January 2017. The change will be beneficial for future investments to The Power Region, cutting off total electricity costs for data centers by up to 40%. Electricity prices in The Power Region are now among the lowest in the European Union.

Latest News

  • Midskog National Grid Substation Upgrade August 3, 2017
    The Midskog national grid substation located 20 miles east of Östersund has reached its service life and is currently being upgraded to meet operational reliability requirements and to connect even more renewable power generation. The upgraded station will be located 1 mile south of its original location.  The new upgraded area will be 7 ha ...
  • Massive Infrastructure Backbone Project Opened March 30, 2017
    Telia’s subsidiary Skanova finished the new Swedish fiber project Skanova Backbone North. The 1250 km (777 miles) long cable between Örebro, Östersund, and Luleå took 3 years to build. The total cost of more than 44 million USD makes it one of the largest investments in digitization of Sweden. Backbone North complements the current infrastructure in ...
  • Power Briefings USA – Save the Date / Invitation January 25, 2017
    Meet Data Centers by Sweden and The Power Region on Feb 14 in Washington DC or Feb 16 in Santa Clara CA. January 1st, 2017, the Swedish Government lowered the energy tax for data centers dramatically by 97%, resulting in the lowest price for electricity in Europe. What is the effect on costs for data center ...

Data Center Sites

Torvalla Industrial Park

Torvalla Industrial Park

  • 73 ha (180 ac) in total
  • flexible size solutions
  • shovel-ready - all permits in place
Lugnvik Reuse

Lugnvik Reuse

  • 456 m² office area
  • 12 736 m² industrial use
  • no additional permits needed for data centers